Yoga in the Morning

13 May 2014Mums in a vase II
Yoga first thing in the morning is the best! It energizes the day, brings some meditative space, ensures yoga postures practice has been “done”. Of course, yoga is never really “done’, because we carry the breath with us at all times. Breath is life. Remembering to breath fully, in the three part yoga breath, helps to keep me grounded in the present. Since the present is all any of us really ever have as direct experience, being fully present helps us experience life at its fullest. Even when I can’t get to my mat for practice, or to lead others in a class setting, remembering to use the three part breath keeps me in touch with my inner self. This breath can help mitigate stress reactions, increases the flow of my blood, and eases the distractions stray thoughts can bring as I concentrate on the variety and multitude of tasks that daily life requires.


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