Laughter Yoga!

I have been thinking about something called “Laughter Yoga”! Since I see yoga as an integrative way of keeping our focus in the present moment, tying breath to movement, using laughter as a practice seems a great way to “do” yoga. I found a great web site,, featuring Sebastien Gendry leading an hour “Laughter Wellness Session” session. It really is a yoga class, including movement and breath. It is also really funny, without even cracking one joke! Check it out! I have posted it below for you…

Here is a YouTube clip of John Cleese commenting and visiting a Laughter Club in Mumbai. This clip lasts about 3 and a half minutes, so if you don’t have an hour or so to watch, and maybe participate in, Sebastien Gendry’s Laughterr Wellness class, this is the clip for you. Enjoy!

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