Things to Remember

Though I like to keep my posts upbeat, sometimes it is important to repeat items that are serious in nature. I could not be more serious than I am about the little list I have included in today’s post. I hurt myself while taking a yoga class last week. I should have known better, but I ignored the basic tenants of yoga practice, and have paid for it! As a consequence, I decided to publish a list of Yoga “Do’s and Don’t’s”. Even we who have been nearly life long practitioners can, unfortunately,  injure ourselves.

                                         Yoga “Do’s and Don’t’s


  • Don’t compare your posture to other yoga students’ postures, or tell yourself you are “not doing it right”. Yoga is NOT a competitive sport.
  • Do stay completely present to live fully.
  • If something hurts in a posture, DON’T DO IT! Instead, ease back so your body is once again being mildly challenged.
  • NEVER push into pain, because that’s where injury can happen.
  • Do listen to your body. If your yoga teacher suggests doing something your body should not do, DO NOT do it!
  • Do what is right for YOUR body!
  • Do exercise caution about twists, especially if you are having problems with your spine. Twists can be wonderful, but not if you have disk or vertebra issues! And they result in an injury to your spine. Ouch!
  • If you need a break, rest.
  • If Child’s pose hurts, find another pose that lets you relax, so you can take a break, and notice the changes in your body.
  • The best things about a yoga practice are the breath work, Savasana, and the way you feel after practice.If all you can do is sit in a chair and breathe the three part (Dirga) breath with full attention, that makes for a wonderful practice!


Namasté, y’all! The light in me recognizes and respects the light in you.

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