Yoga in X-Ray motion: An animation of the skeleton in a yoga asana sequence

This video was posted in an email from, on Tuesday, 28 Oct 2014. It shows an animation of a variety of yoga poses, but only shows the skeleton, as one might go through a specific asana sequence. It is beautiful, in an appropriately “Hallowe’en-y” way. I encourage you to watch it! Enjoy!

Here’s what the email from had to say about this video:”Courtesy of Hybrid Medical Animations comes a high-tech “visual study/exploration of the body in motion.” The goal of the animation was to create a realistic representation of x-rays, while also capturing the beauty of various yoga poses. Looks like they hit the mark on both accounts.

In creating this 3D animation, no x-rays were actually used. No one was exposed to radiation in any way, shape or form. It’s all just animation — sophisticated animation that somehow manages to show “proper bone densities and represent actual bone marrow inside each individual bone.” If you practice yoga, you’ll certainly recognize some of the poses in the clip.”

After watching this video, which asanas, or poses, can you identify? Post what you have noticed in the “Comments” section of this post, if you like. Does this sequence look like something you might be able to do, or are there poses beyond your individual reach at the moment? I know there are some I cannot do, and may never be able to accomplish, and I am OK with that. On the other hand, it is a beautiful thing to watch.

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