Continuing Education

Like any other professional person, once the initial certification program has been met, and one has started working in one’s field, one might pursue further courses of education. So it is that I can say that I am in the midst of a certification program to lead Yoga Nidra sessions. Yoga Nidra is a “sleep based meditation practice” that is, according to Kamini Desai, of the Amrit Yoga Institute, an age old yogic practice that leads participants very quickly into a meditative state, with very little effort or pain on participants’ part! How could I turn up an opportunity to learn how to lead something like that!!!

Well, so far, so good. I love delivering Yoga Nidra to others. In fact, I must deliver Yoga Nidra sessions to a minimum of six people and document each experience as part of my program. I managed to complete all six assignments, despite delays because IT KEPT SNOWING! I think it took a month longer than I had planned to complete the work for this program of study because of eventful winter weather this year.

Now, I know snow lovers are rare these days, but consider: snow provides lots of moisture which is slowly absorbed by the earth, replenishing aquifers, and setting the stage for a spectacular spring. Snow fall, while inconvenient, is beautiful. If there is enough quiet, one can actually hear the silvery sound of snowflakes falling onto each other during intense storms. There is no music quite like that any other time on this planet! Snow provides opportunity for slippery, sliding fun…think skiing, sledding, snow forts, snowball fights, angels in the snow. Snow is even sculptural. Just look at the beauty Andy Goldsworth creates, and numerous participants in the Snow Festival in China! Snow outlines the contours of our landscapes, punctuates the delicate tracery of tree branches, gives us a reason to pause and meditate on the ephemerality of life on our planet, our only home. If I rhapsodize about snow, please find it in your heart to forgive me. Too many of us have forgotten the benefits offered from a snowy day. Too many of us have forgotten to breathe into each moment, and to appreciate the beauty of each season…so remember the bliss of snow when in the midst of a heat wave this summer, and remember to cherish the cold season which gives relief from the misery of deep summer.

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