Every so often, I write poetry. Below are two I recently wrote after meditation.


…is doing things you are scared to do,
and doing them anyway.
…is trying an asana
and going just a little beyond your edge.
…is letting your belly go soft so you can breathe fully,
maybe for the first time in your adult life.
….is laughing with total strangers,
For no other reason than laughter just feels good.
…is swimming in the deep end,
even if you are scared of water.
…is speaking in public, when you are mortally shy.

Courage is doing, or not doing, especially when you are scared to


Ujayii, the ocean sounding breath.
Ujayii, victorious breath.
Jaya, victory.

Breath supports courageous action…
Focus on breath, the knife’s edge that is direct experience
Focus on breath’s victorious sound, the ocean sounding breath
Focus on each moment that breath gives life
Moment by moment, conquering fear, by living on the knife’s edge
Here and now.

This poem was written as we were leaving New Hampshire, after a short vacation, where I picked up some more ideas for teaching yoga.

On Leaving New Hampshire

these rolling tall hills
that once were alpine
may yet capture part of my heart
with glacier pock marks turned into
lakes and ponds….
Old mountains ground down
by time
by glacier
by wind, rain, snow and ice


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